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Are your employees throwing sensitive documents into the trash or recycling bins?


Do you periodically screen or audit your waste systems to check for violations? Maybe you should.


Privacy cannot be an after-thought; it needs to be built into the way organizations do business.


Over 70% of companies we’ve surveyed, find employees dispose of confidential information inappropriately despite having office shredders or a shredding service in place.

53% of thefts of consumers' identity data involve printed documents



“We were using a shredding service when Blue-Pencil approached us to assess our program’s effectiveness.  It turned out our program was ineffective, and employees were throwing confidential documents into blue and trash bins. Blue-Pencil implemented a complete document destruction program that established a policy and employee compliance. The cost of their program was similar to ineffective service.” 

- Jeff White


“We used to think proper shredding is common sense at our office.  Blue-Pencil challenged us to check our trash bins for confidential documents.  Common sense did not prevail.”

– Helen Young

Not sure how effective your waste management policies are?

Answer these six questions to find out.

  • Do you periodically screen/audit your waste systems for sensitive documents?
  • Are you 100% certain that employees are not throwing sensitive documents into the trash or recycling bins?
  • Do you have a designated Privacy or Security Officer responsible for document security?
  • Do you have a formal document destruction policy and procedure manual?
  • Are new and existing employees trained on how to handle confidential material?
  • Do you audit your information destruction service provider's security procedures?

*If you answered “No” to any of these questions get in touch with us to see how Blue-Pencil can help your business.



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